Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something more about MEEEEEEEEEE...

Dude prasanna tagged me to write something about myself....

  • The earliest vivid memory that I have of myself, was my very first day at school. Pa had left me and disappeared somewhere, and since there were more than one rajesh in our class, teacher was asking me my surname. And I did not know it. And I was feeling so afraid and imagining all the dreadful things that might happen to me. Was getting so angry at my parents for not telling me my surname and sending me to school to face this. I dont remember what happened after that..

  • After 10th I qualified fora railway recruitment board exam, according to which i was to undergo a diploma in railway college in mumbai and then i would get a job as a booking clerk or a TC. Everyone in my social circle was like you wuld get a government job at 18 cool, and that my life is set and so on. Even I was happy. BUT there was no hostel available and I was supposed to stay in Bombay alone, and this was not at all agreeable to my mom. So I stayed home, did 12th appeared for JEE and so on....Now I feel so glad about it.

  • I was a very sober guy in my hostel days, known only to my batch mates and wing mates. But there only sprouted the PJ devils in my mind. Our room was called a PJ room. I remember once when someone came to our room
"Do you have scissors?" he asked
"Do you want small scissors or big scissors" back went the reply
"Big ones" he said
"We dont have it"
"ok give small ones"
"that also we dont have" went the reply

  • Ofcourse IIT hostel was fun, but then after IIT, moved in to bangalore and started staying at Mulani Mansion. That was awesome fun for two and a half year which included going for long drives on outer ring road (airport road was great in those days), and late night teas at IISc teaboard, also police catching us for putting TV at high volume. The christmas party that we had staged there just before we were leaving, was a grand conclusion to a memorable stay.
  • As a kid I played a lot of "Ghar Ghar" with one of my cousin, wherein we used to act as couple. Till today we share such a nice bond, feel happy seeing her.

  • I hate my name rajesh, i wish i had amore funky name like ronit, rohit, rahul etc. I love GOLI instead. Somehow Goli seems to have some personality and Rajesh looks commomplace and bland.

  • My earliest heart throb was some girl in my school, she used to be the "headgirl" and I "headboy". So we did lot of things together. Before entering IIT, I had this sweet dreams of marrying her and so on, but first semester in IIT, I got so engrossed in the world of brotherhood and homohood that i completely forgot her.

  • I do feel that for me always right things have happened at right times, I have been very lucky. I have made great friends, even though lots of times I crib about people and things, but at the bottom, I have always had friends doing lot of nice things for me and lot of nice things to feel happy about. :D.
Now to propogate things further, would like to tag the following
anant : He writes/quotes lot of nice urdu stuff and I absolutely love his blog.
Prits: I guess noone can beat him at the frequency of blog. There is always something nice to read.


Sharique said...

I love these personal posts. There are few things one can always relate to them..humans afterall you see :)
btw which IIT?

PritS said...

The blog is in place.

sangati said...

Dude thou art awesome:).

Chander Dogra said...

bhai kahan ho ...kafi time ho gaya apne kuch likha nahi

Anonymous said...

It is nice to know about you Goli aka Rajesh ;)