Monday, June 26, 2006

Innovative Business Idea -> The Million Dollar page

I got to know about it yesterday. I thought I have to blog about this.

This is the story of Alex Tew, he needed money to study in university, so he came up with the idea of creating a webpage with one million pixels, where people can put in their ads. He would charge $1 for each pixel of space, that the advertisers use. So for one million pixels he made one million dollars!!!!!!

I dont think I have to write more, you can read the following link, it is a good reading,

And ofcourse the million dollar page is

Wonder when will "a million dollar idea" strike me......


Anonymous said...

Everything is not money,
probably you might have friends who really admire you..


Chander Dogra said...

you are being tagged

Navreet said...

It sure was one of the most colorful pages i have come across...

a Million colors may be !