Friday, June 22, 2007

GK Vale... Customer Service SUCKS

"A time when Maharajas and Viceroys ruled over us.
A time when hand-painted portraits were still the norm.
A time when photography was still in its infancy. "

Sounds familiar?? Yes this are the marketing lines of the famous GK Vale, the photo studio in Bangy. They also have this one other line "We were here before MK Gandhi became Mahatma Gandhi".

So one of this days, I also had the privilege of walking in to this great great store, as I wanted the photograph for my new ID card. And I needed the photo urgently. After all the shooting-footing of my photo done, I told him that I am in hurry, and it would be great if he could give me soft copy of the photo, I did not want the CD and all that jazz. And he refused point blank.

He was standing there jobless, he had digi cam with usb interface , he had a usb cable, I had a laptop, all that was required was to connect it. But No. In spite of all the arguments and requests he did not budge.

Maybe it is one of the written rules that they should not give soft copies to customers, though I dont understand the logic of this rule. But it was complete indifference that bothered me. It was like I don't care a shit about you. He almost said "If you want come after two hours and take your photographs, else F*&% Off"

Am not going to walk in to that store again. (Ofcourse I had to walk in one last time to collect my photographs, on top of that I dont like that photograph as well. )

I wanted to write this because one I got very irritated and second I wanted everyone to know about it. I do also hope that some kin of GK Vale should also read about this and he should wake up and do something about customer service.

I think next time am going to take a video on my mobile and post it on YouTube.. :D



Rashmi said...

Glad u blogged abt this.So many times,this kind of crap happens and we just fume abt it and dont do anything abt it..Hopefully someone from GK Vale reads this and awakens:)

Shashank said...

i empathize with you goli .. but i do recommend that you write to GK Vale about it because writing a blog about it does help your circle ppl to know about it but doesn't do anything to the concerned ppl. Please do take some time off to print your blog .. sign ... and send it by snailmail .. may be 'that guy' attitude needs to be brought to the authorities notice. :):) .. thanks for sharing though! :)

satyajit said...

I've had horrible experiences with banks--Vysya and Standard Chartered. make it public in whichever way you can

Suresh said...

Dear Goli,

It is very unfortunate that you had to encounter a bad experience at one of GK Vale Stores. It would have been better had you taken up the issue with the Store Manager or emailed your issue to us. We are trying our best to arrest such goof ups at our Stores. We have taken up the issues across all our branches. We would have appreciated if it was taken up with us instead of a blog! We would not like to loose a customer like you. We apologise for the sorry experience you had.
Suresh, Sr.Mgr.(Fin)GK Vale

nadeem said...

Duh ! Yuo must be working for one of those "IT companies"

Stand in front of your web cam and take a still yourself ..

and give the "print: command and Lo ! you have a photo of your great looking face..

It may resemble your behind thought ..

why do you need to go to G K Vale ?

VivekBhardwaj said...

I had similar experience with GKVale a portfolio done twice and it was not up to the mark...I think Gk Vale sucks badly

Shrinidhi Hande said...

I was their customer for sometime and was member of shutterbug club. But eventually dropped out as I realized that their rates are expensive and just not worth...

Manasa said...

GK Vale charges a lot compared to others like: fotoflash.

Anonymous said...

They loot customers. Their prices are exorbitant and quality sucks.
Dirty third class job they do.
Indiranagr out let iam refrring to.

SANK3T said...

What is worse is those employees are so rude !

Sami said...

They don't care, if u r a new or regular customer. Even the female staff is so rude, no gentleman walk into this shithole.

i am not walking inn there again!!