Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Delhi police website...

Recently I have found this story about Delhi Police lifting the complete website from Singapore, floating in Blogosphere.

So the story is that the Delhi Police website... which is called...

NDTV claims that the full website has been lifted up from the Singapore police website.

And early in morning I get a mail like this....

Subject: Dark side of Delhi police (Part of the mail below)
In 21st century, when Nations are using Internet as boom, Delhi Police cant
even get a simple website

Some of the
“HOT” quotes from Delhi Police website. (followed by some mistakes on the website, which I find no necessity of putting them down here)

Read the complete striptease of website (and link pointing to NDTV article)


First I really dont understand what is the big deal if they copied website from Singapore police website. How does it matter? I guess everyone would agree that making websites is not the core competency of Delhi Police, they just want a place holder and fastest way to make things work. So they did the easiest thing to do. I think it is smart thing to do.

I am sure that there will be mistakes and they are going to sort them out. But I really appreciate Delhi Police initiative.

But more importantly than all this, I really don't understand why people take so much fun in criticizing and tearing apart things. I mean some of the comments on the NDTV article and the tone of the above mail for example are so bad.

It is like finding mistakes and letting someone down. I am not saying that you should not criticize, but I guess there is something like constructive criticism, "I think you it is really good, but I guess if you improve on this you will really make it brilliant ". And I really believe that even in most shabbiest of the efforts you will always find, something good to cheer, if you try to look with that attitude.

There are things that can make you feel good and there are things which can completely demoralize you. And I guess we all should make this choice carefully.

The mail early morning really put me off, and I really hate getting those kind of mockery filled, letting down emails.

PS: Actually I did look at the website and I think it is cool.... and should serve its purpose. And am also sure they are going to set all the small things all right.


Shuva said...

Same here Dude! I totally agree with you. While I was at the first para of your blog, I was getting annoyed that you are about to call names to Delhi police, but it wasn't so. I can also see the amount of tax payer money they have saved by reusing an IT solution. Copying a website is not simple, its not a kids job. Even an IT engineer cannot copy and deploy a website without cooperation of the site owner. How can you lift the back end server scripts? Its some smart IT manager suggesting Delhi police to reuse a solution. Sometime the media over do things. NDTV being such a big media house, I can imagine that there will be some attention hungry journalists who need better orientation and training.

Sridhar said...


NDTV is not blamming or putting down anyone. Its just that they are showing the realty.

Second point, yes I do apprecaite the fact that Delhi Police is getting a website up with information. But with Singapore information? U appreciate it?

Sadest part, but True fact is that is doing this Which is supposed to be full of competent engineers & researchers.

This is coz, they dont want to take a lil bit of extra effort to atleast read what is written :(


Shalu said...

being inspired from Singapore police is okay but did they give them the due Credits? I wish they also get inspired from S'pore police in their core competency. I have stayed in Delhi and I don't have much sympathy for them though I am not a big fan of news channels either. Under the garb of showing reality they can go to any extent. So, I blame both the parties.