Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Freegans :

Quite sometime back I had read about this girl (in US), who would search in garbage bins for food and use it. Not that she was poor but that she was a part of community called Freegans. I had lost the link for it, but then today again it popped up in one of the feeds.  Freegans are community where people believe in using the minimum resources required for living and conserving and reusing stuff. 
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"It's not a few bad products or a few egregious companies responsible for the social and ecological abuses in our world but rather the entire system we are working in, we begin to realize that, as workers, we are cogs in a machine of violence, death, exploitation, and destruction."
This is so similar to Story of Stuff

Sometimes I also wonder, being a hardware engineer about all the hi-fi tech stuff we keep making. Increasing speeds from Kbps, to Mbps to Gbps and so on. If all this is worth it?


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The Wandering Minstrel said...

another radical view is this...mukesh ambani said that 50% of the wealth of the world is with 500 people. the rest of the wealth is with the rest of the population...we all have the right to be rich...this is what it does not mean that ohh, look at those dogs, how can they hoard so much wealth...we are free to be wealthy, we are free to be wealthy and constructive also...use resources to their fullest extent, use clean energy and make sure that our ecological footprint is low. this has nuthin to do with nearly jobless and hunting for food in...garbage cans...