Sunday, May 04, 2008

Being Environment concious..

These days I have become majorly environment conscious. Whenever I see little bit of plastic, I keep asking myself, "Is there anyway i can avoid using this".

The other day, I had gone to Cisco. As soon as you enter Cisco and go around, you see various posters pasted which keep stating how eco-friendly Cisco is. It is good to see a big company as Cisco being environment conscious. But what saddens me everytime I go Cisco is the way they use bottled water. Unlike most other companies which have normal water bottle for each employee, which keeps getting refilled from water dispenser, Cisco has loads of half liter packaged water bottles. So most of the employees who keep coming to cafetaria pick up 1-2 of these bottles. Imagine about 1000 employees and the number of water bottles getting used per day. And how much waste that will be generated. Maybe they recycle it, but still why do all that when you avoid the situation all together. And what amazes me is that this is same campus which is filled with all posters of environment friendly quotes.

Then I go to meet a friend of mine in oracle the other day and I went in to their meeting room and they had this normal water bottles which had to be refilled from water dispenser. This made me really happy "Your company is truly environment conscious", I told my friend.

And we were generally discussing this, and then there was this friend from a top MBA school and he was saying that these days, lot of students before considering a company for placement also try to figure out how environment friendly the company is and how much does it score on its CSR. Maybe this is still a far fetched thought, and personally till now I never thought of such things before taking a job. But it does seem a good idea, and I shall keep this in mind next time I think of hopping job, and then Cisco probably has lost some points already.

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brocasarea said...

nice thought..but is it our hospital [fortunately] also [victoria hospital near market] used med and plastics[syringes] are taken and dumped altogether in an area!!...but really people need to be educated abt it[especially higher class]