Saturday, December 19, 2009

Books books... those which created stories..

Since long time I thought that I would write about the books that I have read, some books that have inspired me, books which after reading them created some stories in my life..

Treasure Island:

This was probably one of the first books that I read, as a twelve year old I think. Before that only comics, chandamama and champak. At that time I found this book really fascinating, on the ship in search of treasures, the pirates and lot of adventure. I played numerous games based on this books with friends, searching for imaginary treasure and what not. I used to imagine and hope that someday in our school picnic we all should get lost and land up in isolated island. I had even made a map of that island, and I had written small notes as to how it would all happen, and how should I emerge as a hero in discovering the way back, and ofcourse in the isolated place we would find the treasure. I had even thought that I wouldl make the tele-serial out of it, because I felt that I had to tell this story to whole lot of people.

Treasure Island is like a fairy tale, with lot of adventure, and imagination. I think every one should read this book.

Gone with the Wind:

Just before I had entered college, I had this urge to watch English movies, because I felt without watching these I would be ill-equipped to face other students who would have watched hundreds of them. One of the movies that I happened to see was "Gone with the Wind". I could not see it fully, but it looked grand. When I went to hostel and saw the book by this name, I knew that I had to read it. I liked the character of "scarlet". I loved the never say die spirit, and that little sentence which said, "I would think about it tomorrow, after all tomorrow is a new day". This lines still continue to inspire me. Also I loved the title "Gone with the Wind" and I think in our fast changing lives that we should enjoy the things when they are, because you dont know when things will change, and old ways would dissappear.


I rate this as one of the best books that I have ever read. It is just so wonderful and amazing story. I love the transformation from the guide to the saint, and it seems to happen so effortlessly, nothing looks artificial or fake. I love RK Narayan style of writing, he writes so simply and so well. I have read most of his books by now, but nothing can beat Guide. In many ways this book inspired me to write. Also inspired me to read books from Indian authors, because there are so many things that you can connect to so easily when you read this books.

Daddy Long Legs:

Chotu book. Am not sure if many have heard about this book, but it is a collection of letters written by one small orphan girl to a friend who sponsers her education. Letters are full of innocense and the experience of a girl in a school who earlier was inside the for walls of orphanage. I like the drawings and again the simplicity. I want to write more after reading that book, write in the sense, write more letters, write with hand instead of type writer.

Read it if you can, you can finish this book in about one hour.

The age of Kali:

Another addition to my books about India. The book inspires me to travel and write more. Love the way in which William, explores the history of each place and also the small anecdotes from each place and people. I learned so many things about India after reading that book, things which I did not know. I also feel that history books should be written in this way, which connect you to people rather than just the facts.
In this books I specially loved the essays on the Sati system and also on Lucknow

If you are reading this, and if you have a blog, do also post something about your favourite books, this is the best way to know and discover new books.


Roy said...

william darymple is a class act. I've read over half a dozen of his books and he always has something new to offer (current reading: white mughals)

Rashmi said...

hey i have read 3 out of the five mentioned her :)
Gone with the wind,treasure island and daddy long legs and liked all three.I am going to pick up "Guide" based on your recommendation :).I liked the hindi movie based on it.Have you sen it?

Saransh said...

where is 'to kill a mocking bird'? :O

Chandni said...

Treasure Island: Fifteen men on a dead man's chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum, drink and the devil had done to the rest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. I think this was the background score of my life when I was a kid because I simply LOVED the book. I read it again a few years back and revelled in its adventure.

Daddy Long Legs: Someone recommended this to me recently and I found myself laughing in quite a few places :)

Gone With the Wind: Of course one of my favourites of all time. Scarlette and her stubborn passion, Rhett and his studied nonchalance.

I guess I'm also going to attack Guide sometime soon. This post was good to read. Books always make one happy :)

Goli said...

@Roy, Yes I like william Darymple, he is amazing.

@Rashmi I have not seen the film, just read the book.

@Saransh: To kill a mocking bird, yes I missed that. :) another of my all time favourites.

@Chandni: Yes you should read guide. Its wonderful. And yes how can I forget the Treasure Island song... Pieces of eight, and Captain Long John Silver.

queserasera said...

I've read nd watched Gone with the wind...its one of my all time favourite....probably will start Daddy Long Legs as one of my other friend too suggested...

brocasarea said...

i shd read GUIDE...:)

brocasarea said...

whts ur opinion abt monk ferrari [robin sharma]book?!

Goli said...

@broca, yes you can read guide, I never liked Monk who sold his ferari, But there are people who like it a lot. I found it really boring.