Monday, March 22, 2010

The case of a smelling shoe

Something was stinking, the other day when I had just come to office. It was bad, I ignored it for sometime, but then every now and then, my senses reminded me that it was stinking. Something from down, was it the shoe? What else could stink in office. There were three people in the office, the other two were sitting together and working on some problem, am sure they were also feeling the same, but guess it was too embarrassing to point to someone that the shoe was stinking so everyone was quiet.

My shoes don't ever stink, at least that is what I always thought. But was it the other two people, I did not know.
I remember the last time I had been faced with such a smell was way back in hostel. Somehow from somewhere an insurance agent had come and his shoes were terribly terribly stinking. Today the smell was not that strong, but still it was bad, specially in the corporate office.

I wanted to ensure that my shoe was not smelling, so making it look very natural I just dropped my pen and bent down and ooopss... the right leg was stinking. It was bad. The more embarrassing thought was that I had been running around at couple of customer locations in the morning giving some marketing presentations and all that with this stinking shoes, But I had not realised that in morning, probably because I was fully absorbed. Probably someone would have tried to suggest me, but I would not have never paid any attention.

Well I don't know what you do in this kind of situations, I thought for possible solution, did not want to be caught washing the shoe in the loo. Finally decided that it was enough and I should call it a day, and should leave office, before giving a chance to anyone to tell me that my shoes were stinking. Thought would reach home early, get rid of the shoes and then send them off for washing or whatever treatment they required.

When I reached home rather early at four, and I removed my shoes to examine it, I noticed a big chunk of Cow Dung, that was smeared on the bottom of my right shoe.


anupreet said...

heheheeee.... rotfl!! :D
we'll ask phoebe to compose a song for you.. "smelly shoes, smelly shoes.. what are they feeding you?!!" :P

Pulkit said...

You should have stood your ground, being a proponent of organic practices (involving cow dung) :-).

brocasarea said...


Nikhil Bhagia said...

Any business opp there??? Call 800800 & get your stinking shoes cleaned @ a nearby tapri ......w/o anyone knowing it.... :P

Marvin said...

what if people in office read this?

saare kiye karaye par paani fir jayega. not to mention faltoo ki chhutti!

Goli said...

@anupreet.. hehee, I used to love phoebe and her guitar

@pulkit: yes had, I known it was dung

@broca: thanks.

@Nikhil: Waise there is a successful business in bombay only for cleaning shoes, one guy started it and is doing very well apparently.

@marvin: hmmm, my real name is not goli so they will take some time to figure out..

The Wandering Minstrel said...

lololol!! hasee band ho tab comment karungi!

Hari Batti said...

This kind of thing has happened to us all, hasn't it? Loved it. Enjoyed this post and the one about the price people (usually small people) pay for big things like dams. Interesting that the price is not usually paid by the people who reap the most profits.
Nice to meet you.

Saransh said...

hope those two poor souls were not akshat bhai and neeraj sir :P

Divyansh said...

lol... thats hillarious.. the best ways to get rid of these situations is that one should always carry a stong deodrent or some cented tlac .. its works .. unless you have cow dunck in your shoes.. lol..