Monday, May 01, 2006

Some more FYI

Yesterday watching Aaj Tak, I saw a news report on this 5 year old guy from orrissa called Budhia. Budhia is a marathon sensation as it seems, and he can run about 45kms.

(I wonder if he is a marathon sensation or, his so called coach is torturing him with the stick in his hand to run all the time)

I also found the below story very good

I like goodnewsindia, their stories are good and inspiring, makes you feel good about India.

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Chander Dogra said...

Only one thing which comes my mind when I heard the Buddia story playing again and again on the TV channel was I am struggling to do a 5km run on a Treadmill with AC surrounding and this boy does a 65km on a hot Orissa summer. His run is truly inspiring for bums like me....
I wish him best of luck and best of education.