Monday, May 01, 2006

Can yu identify the movie from the tag line -> Answers

The answers to the previous post are as follows,

1. Jurassic Park (The adventure 65 million in the making)
2. Independence day (We have always believed we weren't alone, on July 4th we wish we were)
3. Shrek(he greatest fairy tale never told)
4. Crash (Moving at the speed of light we are bound to collide with each other)
5. Brokeback Mountain (Love is a force of nature)
6. War of the worlds (They are already here)
7. The Lost World (something has survived)
8. The Unusual Suspects (In the world where nothing is what it seems you have to look beyond)
9. Brave Heart (Every man dies not every man really lives )
10. Matrix (Believe the Unbelievable )

The feedback I got was that this was very difficult, will try to put up something better next time.

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