Thursday, April 27, 2006

Can yu identify the movie from the tag line

For past some time I have started developing keen interest in branding and taglines. Like someone trying to explain me the power of branding gave me example of Reliance and Tata. Reliance always gives some kind of erky feeling, whereas somehow people seem to have lot of respect for House of Tatas.

So what I thought was put some movie taglines, and give it as a challenge to identify the movie. After all movies also need branding,

Note1: All are english movies
Note2: You can ofcourse not use google
So here we go. In bracket have tried to give some clue.

  1. The adventure 65 million in the making (This is a easy start)
  2. We have always believed we weren't alone, on July 4th we wish we were (also a giveaway)
  3. The greatest fairy tale never told (remember it is never and not ever)
  4. Moving at the speed of light we are bound to collide with each other (if you observe posters carefully you should not have any problem in guessing this)
  5. Love is a force of nature (little difficult, but very recent movie)
  6. They are already here (famous movie)
  7. something has survived (relatively easy)
  8. In the world where nothing is what it seems you have to look beyond (tag lines tells something about the movie)
  9. Every man dies not every man really lives (senti type movie as it appears from the tagline)
  10. Believe the Unbelievable (well this is very famous movie)
Most of them are very famous movies, I am not a movie buff but I have seen six of them.

Will put the answers in the next post.

Disclaimer: Most of the above movies are very famous and they have more than one tag line, have just put the one which I thought best describes it.


Anonymous said...

array too much blogging man .. this is really interesting.. let me guess..the first one is from jurassic part.

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

1) Jurassic Park, and you missed 'years' intentionally?
2) ID
3) Shrek
4) ?
5) ?
6) war of the worlds
7) Aliens(2/3/4/5/6)?
8) ?
9) ?

Goli said...

there should have been "years", that was a typo. Good try. Good Try. Will put the answers shortly.