Friday, April 07, 2006

Tapioca i.e. Sabudana

Today at the lunch table we were having a heated discussion as to how sabudana is made. Sabudana is quite famous in my part of India i.e Gujarat, where you make delicacies like Sabudana kheer, sabudana khicdi, sabudana halwa etc.

Googled and found out that Sabudana which is also known as Tapioca in south east Asia, is make from the roots of the cassava plant (called mogho in gujarati). The roots of this plant are shown in the adjoining figure.

These roots are dried and processed and made in to small white hard pearl like things which we call sabudana in India. (Look at the picture to the left, who dont know sabudana, will be able to map it to something which used to lie is some place in mom's kitchen)

The root is also made into flour form which is used instead of wheat in some places.

you can read if you have enthu

Happy eating :)

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Chander Dogra said...

well all i know is that sabudana's kheer tastes real good. Specialy if the milk had been nicely condesed to almost khoya.