Friday, April 14, 2006

Innovative business idea ->1

Yesterday I was just reading about this guy called Sandeep Gajak, and he inspired me to blog about him. What has he done? Started something called a Shoe Laundry. Yes "Shoe Laundry", so next time if your adorable, expensive Nike, Reebok, adidas shoes get dirty all you have to do is to this service and they will pick up your shoes, clean it up and send them back. (This is available only in Bombay). Sandeep started his business in 2003. I dont have any figures on his prosperity but googling tells me that he gets about three lakhs revenues per month ( looks little bullish, but you never know).
But leaving everything aside, I really like the idea. You dont have to be a MBA, or an IIT engineer to figure out these things. It is such a simple day to day observation.
Hats off to this guy, for thinking, believing and executing.
Read more about shoe laundry.


Anonymous said...

The summary of this story is in order to be successful you dont need any degree, you need burning desire to 'DO', belief in your idea. Rest of the things fit themselves in their places themselves.

Chander Dogra said...

Reminds me of famous saying in our college, "I was going to be a billionaire,but education ruined me"