Saturday, April 22, 2006

Innovative Business Idea ->2

When I wrote the first post of Innovative business Idea, I was wondering if I would be able to dig out anything else to post on this topic, but I did not have to wait long.

Well today story is about these IITD graduates who have started a service itasveer ( where you can upload your photographs and order prints to be sent to any address in India at a very cheap price. The charges are really cheap, with shipping charges less than $1 and each 4"x6" print costing around 10 cents (introductory price). I think it is a great opportunity for people abroad to share the photographs with their families in India.

I also remember something of the similar sort started by some IITB graduates. But I dont remember their venture name.

You can propogate this information and help this guys :D


Midhun Kumar Allu said...

Kodak India has a similar service. For 10 rupees a piece. Nice to see you blogging.

Prateek Dayal said...

actually a couple of blore guys have done it oo and i think they are also very cheap