Wednesday, August 30, 2006

To do or not to do..

When I joined creative writing class recently, I was wondering if at all I should indulge in such a thing, and ofcourse there were lot of people around who would just laugh at the very idea. (How can someone teach creative writing, and grrr grrr and blah blah). But now I think that it was a great thing to do. It is not that I have become a great writer, or great poet, but the exposure has been great. These days when I read a book or poetry, subconciously have started appreciating metaphors, rhymes, use of language etc. While watching a movie, I have started noticing camera moments, angles etc . It just makes the whole experience much more richer. And probably someday I will too write a "one milllion copies in print" wala book.

I do believe that our mind has infinite capacity, just need to give time to cultivate and nurture.
Would like to quote Biju, he had put the same thoughts beautifully

"I believed that talent is inherent in an individual that stems out, get some nourishment and evolves to add some meaning to what we call life gaurded by the rules of nature. But i learnt that above talent sits thought. Deep inside in some corner, every thought lives a life, in a same way we live. The more u give time to each thought, the more it lives. Thoughts which don't get time will eventually die. Your body speaks the language that ur mind understands and it can really stretch to any limits you desire. In short "nothing is impossible".."

Wonder if it could be put in a more better way, (I absolutely like Biju's writing and wish he would blog more).

I also do remember the following quote which I had read long time back, somewhere, and it has just struck with me. Just sharing in a hope that you too may find it as appealing as i find it.

"If you do something, that turns out to be wrong, you can almost always put it right, learn from it or at least deny it. But once you have missed out on something in life, its gone. There would be a girl you never got to say right words to, the band you never got to see alive, the winning streak you never got to cheer, the brilliant retiring processor whose class you never took, the relative you never got very close to, it is long list. No matter what, try tokeep it as short as possible. "

So just plunge in, Happy Tuesday..... :D


anitha said...

Good one!!!

Sangati said...

Goli baba!! Nice blog. You seem to be venturing into analyzing human thoughts and
trying to rationalize them.Normally this is done by people who at some point of time tried to reason their own thoughts(for whatever reason):).

Gaddam said...

Goli baba, and his forty hobbies!

I'm not homeless, but my dog is and it is killing me