Tuesday, August 29, 2006

.....will soon be forgotton

(Picture: courtesy Jisnu )

"My achievements may weigh a ton,
Might have many a battles won,
But like him, and endless many,
I will too, soon be forgotten"

(first attempt to write a poetry... :D )


Anonymous said...

This goes in similar lines with the gr8 ozymandias. Who was king of kings , suddenly one day all remains stay ruined. For the poem check

Navreet said...

Hey !

Thanks for dropping by my blog... the "gambling" was intentionally kept out :D....

Chander Dogra said...

Soon ...might be 100years.
Live today as if there is no tommorrow,
With no fear of death you can come out of the deep burrow,
What in the name,
I don't care for fame,
Its myself I fear,
Just chill and have a glass of beer.

--hey this poem thing is infectious

Ajay Sampath said...

Good one dude , I guess what u have written is about the reality of life which is one of the hardest to accept ie old age ... :)

Dreamer said...

i dont agree... memories r something which noone can ever eraze..... it lives on... the legacy u leave is wht u r known by... n tht lives for ever.. but it depends,, how imp or impactful is ur legacy.....

Jishnu A said...

my name is jishnu and not jisnu as listed by you but a nice poem which describes this person's brooding yet disgruntled looks