Friday, December 07, 2007

Stories from HK..... Food


Now about five days in Hong Kong, and I have realized two things..

  1. I used to boast in Bangalore that I can eat everything, but after coming here i have changed my mind, there are some things which need lot of courage to eat. Went out for dinner with all my collegues, (most of them are chinese or taiwanese), and we went to some thai restaurant, I tried almost each and everything until she got a full plate of crabs, and then my courage failed me, and I simply could not get myself to eating that.. But trust me apart from the scary look that most of the food had it tasted great. It is so different from anything else that I have eaten in my life
  2. I also realized that all the chinese restaurants in India are completely non chinese. That has got no relations to the food that you get here. Fried rice that I keep seeing in all Indian chinese restaurants, I could not find it here in any of the menus, it is another story that most of the menus were in chinese and I could not read them.
But over all my dining experience has been great. Here you can get any kind of sea food. Food that I have never seen before. It is exotic and colourful and whatever I have tried I have easily managed to gobble up everything.

A sample picture of lunch. It is one of the most colourful lunch that I have seen. This is called Japenese Sushi.

You can read more about sushi on the web, Have not seen any restaurant in India which gives sushi.

More later, these last few days have been terribly terribly busy. lots of more stories to say but may be little later.

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