Friday, December 07, 2007

Stories from Hong Kong...Origin of word Good...

First day in Hong Kong, and I was sitting in the bus reading the newspaper, and I found a section there called, some origin of words and learn chinese kind of thing,

So found the following entry which was talking about the origin of hte word good.

Good is written as,
and pronounced as (Hau)

and here is how it is formed,

The first character in the above word

means woman, girl etc. (Pronounced Nu).

And the second character

means a boy (zu)

And you combine this together to get

which means good (Hau)
So a girl and boy together means good.

Isn't this interesting.


Reema Banerjee said...

dude, it can mean many things! but on second thoughts, lemme tell u where it is derived from...female and male means yin and yang and when these two are what together make what is called complete. and complete is good. like the hindu shiv and shakti. samjha???

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Given the approximately 60000+ characters in Chinese, trust Goli to come up with the one most interesting to him ;-)