Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interview with Autowallah

Probably if you have been regular reader to blog, you would think that this is a repeat post, but it is not. Last time I had put, "Interview with Traffic Policemen" and "Autowallah love story". but now it is interview time of auto guy

"Since how long have you been driving auto?"
"Eight Years, but there is no money in this, today morning I started at six but by 12 could do busiess of only 50 rupees, then I went home, now since evening 5 I have done seventy rupees"

"So what were you doing earlier to this"
"I did a job, did not like it, I tried my own business but then failed, so now I am at auto"

"How much money do you make from this?"
"Not much sir, see for each day I have to pay 150 rupees to the owner of the auto, then I have to pay for gas, and then whatever remain I will keep it to myself. I am just managing to live sir"

"Do you have children?"
"Two sir, one girl and one boy, both  going to government school. Girl is very bright sir, but son is not studying"

"Has the airport shifting affected your business?"
"A lot sir. Earlier everyday atleast one savari I used to get for airport. And airport road was evergreen road, anytime you go you will atleast get someone. But now that is not the case. Shifting of airport has had a great impact on our business"

"Do you work at night also?"
"No sir, night working is lot of problem, lot of drunk people are getting in to auto. Then lot of quarrel happens. Only yesterday I picked up this guy, and after ten minutes he slept off. I tried to wake him up but he did not. So I took the auto to police station and dropped him there. There is no other option sir. I cant leave him on streets"

I was just thinking, after this talk, when aiport was getting shifted there was so much hue and cry over the traffic and amount of time it takes to travel. I wonder if someone actually thought about all this auto guys. In all probability for this guy shifting of airport would have meant shifting his kids from private school to government school. And if i look at it from this angle, then this  impact seems to far greater as compared to all the time it takes to travel to new airport. 


brocasarea said...

good as the previous one:)

Vijay said...

You are right about shift of airport. But what could be the percentage of 'honest' auto guys vs those who always tamper meter or demand extra really always !! Very rarely I had a pleasant experience using auto. And for the past one year I have been using public transport over the weekends instead of autos and I feel better.

Goli said...

@broca thanks.

@vijay I have had little difference experience with autos. Most of them I have found to be really good people, only some have been nasty.

Anonymous said...

Nice. It would be good if there was a TV show which tracked the lives of common people and the hardships that they faced.

Here is another experience that a friend of mine had with an auto driver.