Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Story time..

Last time I went to Blossoms, I picked up this stories from Premchand. (Premchand was one of the greatest writers in Hindi, at the start of this century. He was written lots of novels, and short stories and some of his movies have been made in to successful films) 

I read one of his stories and I really liked it. So I am putting the gist of that story here.

So as it happens, the story starts with marriage. This newly wedded girl comes from a staunch brahmin familiy, and is very religions. She does not eat anything before taking bath in the morning, and does not eat in places where non-vegetarian is consumed. The guy on the other hand, is also a brahmin, but he has learnt to accept things. He has lot of friends who are muslims and christians. He does not eat non-vegetarian, but he goes and dines at their places. The girl finds this extremely hard to accept. She thinks it is an attack to the purity of her existence. 

The guy, is not able to understand this wife. He thinks that this is because of blind following of values, which have resulted in unacceptance and superiority kind of feeling in his wife. One day, he sits and gives a big discourse to his wife, he says, "God resides in each one of us. Be it the maid, or my friends or animals and birds. It is the same God. Just like sun gives light to everyone, irrespective of everything, we should not discrimate between people based on caste, religion and anything. All are equal"

This speech has a big effect on the girl. She realizes that she is making the mistake. All of sudden she developes a huge respect for her husband, she starts thinking of him as God like figure.  She becomes very considerate to the maids, servants in their house. Once the maid, complains of severe headache. While earlier she would have just given some medicine and sent her off, now she massages her head for ten minutes. She feels bliss after doing this. Earlier there was different food cooked in house for the family and for servants. Family was served basmati rice and meals included sweets, while the servant were served normal rice with just some dal.  The girl thinks that this is inequality and God will get offended with this, and hence she ensures that all including family and servants get the same meal.

The guy, initially was happy to see the change in his wife, now does not like it. One day, there is big function in their house and the guy gets special sweets made. But on the morning of function, his wife spots, some poor people outside her house and she feeds them all the special sweets. The guy gets infuriated at this. He tries to explain her that God created inequality, because some people deserve more and some people deserve less, because of their activities in previous birth, and sometimes you should let this inequalities be. But the girl does not understand, she begins to think  that her husband is hypocrite, bending the rules for his convenience. Her godlike respect for him slowly starts diminishing.

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brocasarea said...

that husband initially tried to change her for his convenience!!??