Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Be Born Everyday

Read this lines on Pritesh's blog,  and I absolutely loved them, hence reposting here.  (He saw it on TV,  did not know such useful stuff comes on TV :) )

“Be born everyday

Aaj rockstar kal pilot
And who knows what the day after
Kabhi kisi anjan station par utar ke dekho
Kabhi kisi gumnam shahar ka ticket katao
Dusri ki galtiyo se kya seekhna, make your own mistakes yaar
Never resemble your passport photo for more than three months
Har subah shock your reflection
Bachpan ke kya kuch nahi banana chahte the
Why not today?
Be born everyday”

So what will you be today?


Himanshu said...

Pretty nice. It's titan ad -

Some Indian ads are awesome!!

lohith said...

This is Amir Khan's ad for titan..
nice one !

brocasarea said...

titan ad no!...i liked it too:)

Navneet Jadhav said...


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Goli said...

@Himanshu : yups I really used to love the "hamara Bajaj" Ad as well.

@Lohith: Yups.

@Broca: I love this one.

@Navneet Thanks. I will take a look.