Monday, November 10, 2008

Do you want a Barren Bangalore?

Sunday, I went for this rally organized by Hasiru Usiru, protesting against the Bangalore authorities cutting trees and trees and more trees in bangalore for road widening and for Bangalore railway metro. It was really great to see so many people who came out on Sunday morning for the protest.

Ofcourse this is a debatable topic and many do feel that there is no other solution to Bangalore traffic, other than widening the roads and reducing the  green cover. Lot of people even have been skeptical if the protest is worth it. And if enough research has been done on the alternate solutions.

But being in Hasiru Usiru mailing list for quite some time, and knowing some of the people who are behind it, I have no doubt about their competency. Hasiru Usiru has done numerous studies and have made varioius reports, both of the ineffectiveness of widening of roads in long run and also on alternative solutions. You can read lot of stuff about this on their website. I wonder though how things are in other cities, if they are facing the same issues.

One another thing great about this protest was that, they ensured that there was no litter. There were no banners which were thrown here and there and also ensured that the regular traffic does not get disturbed.  

Anyways, for now, I will just put down some pictures and really good posters that people came up with on that day.

This guy carried the kid all throughout the walk which was for more than one hour

This sign board is so apt, when you sit to think about it. 

Finally when everyone gathered at the Town Hall
It was great to see quite a number of children join in for the walk

Very cute...

One of hte most innovative banners that I saw.. :)
Another good one

And then finally this really cute kid who was there all throughout shouting and carrying the banner all along her neck, and in the end of protest decided to take little rest.  Really cute...

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Fida said...

I totaly agree with you Goli. I mean, I don't know the situation in Bangalore and I for sure don't have a solution. But we have to take action, because without it, they get 'carte blanche'to do what ever they want. I love the creativity the protesters showed - how wonderful to have such engaged people.

Vetrimagal said...

All the best for your efforts.

Wish we can do that in Hyderabad too.

A nice way os spreadind awareness and preventing loss of trees.

Mridula said...

Thanks for sharing Goli, the posters indeed are creative.

sha said...

hey.. i was there too.. the bald guy wins the award.. [:D] nice pictures..
and just hoping the protest has more responses than just a new paper headlines..

Hats of to hasiru husiru.. realy admire their work.. and it was no doubt very well organized...

Anonymous said...


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monk_who_nvr_had_a_ferrari said...

hey goli,
came 2 ur blog by chance, man u write nice reading it...good wrk..


Goli said...

@Fida Yups I loved the creativity of Posters, and all of them were made by ESG we were just required to pick the one we liked.

@Vetrimagal All the best and thanks to ESG, have another one on 30th

@Mridula: Thanks for linking.

@Sha: Yups he wins hands down.

@Richa: Thanks for the offer.

@Monk who never had ferari: Thanks :)

Priya said...

Wow! thats a nice attempt.
Frankly, even i am skeptic about this whole issue.

We all love trees, we all hate traffic and the buraucrates have no ears.

But great posters.. reminds me of the spirit of the city!