Sunday, March 19, 2006

Associating brands with things

I had taken my parents out for dinner sometime back at the chinese place. And was showing Mom all the various noodles that were available for menu. And Mom was like "Maggie na, I dont want to eat Maggie".
For Mom noodles means Maggi or rather Maggie means noodles. Smilarly bike is a honda. Anything from yamaha to pulsar is a honda. Even tooth paste is a Colgate.
Sometimes wonder if this is because these brands had a first mover advantage, or it is just effective advertising.
Anyways it would be good if you could add to the list of
noodles->maggie, bike->honda, toothpaste->Colgate


Shalu said...

Cold Drink -----Coca Cola.

It made me think of another interesting phenomena called Brand loyalty. My dad forced me to wear Bata shoes in my schooldays. Everybody in our locality had Kelvinator refrigerator, Onida TV, Fiat Car. One of the reason being limited choice the other being their long life. I hated those ugly looking Bata leather shoes and wanted ultra feminine dainty black school shoes but I had to wear Bata as they were long lasting.

Chander Dogra said...

don't know about brands but i do remeber that while I call my bicycle a bike, I call yashpal's bike as scooter. Looks like something just stays in your mind. And if it stays with positive effect it makes it a good Brand. For example TATA's are supposed to straight forward upright company while Reliance is supposed to be chalu companies. Though i have MFs of both :)

Anonymous said...

Talking of brands, I would say Xerox=photocopier is the most prevalent. In fact people use xerox asa verb. I encountered this usage of xerox as a verb even in the Times of India a few days ago...