Wednesday, March 29, 2006

FYI -> Bangalore Metro

While passing from MG Road couple of days back, I saw some road dug up, which had a big sign Bangalore Metro. Yipee Bangalore metro is under way.

But just one look at google on Bangalore metro, I figured out that there are infinte controversies related to land acquisition, over using broad or standard guage etc. So I guess a long long way to go. And once started will take about four years to finish :(.

The only interesting thing that I found though was the railway map.
and one more map
(Both are fairly consistent)

If you planning to shift or buy the house, you may want to consider the above map :D.


GeekBeyondRedemption said...

This comment has been placed here under duress. I was threatened with a goli :-)....

"While surfing on the net I stumbled on this blog, it was nice to read. Please keep blogging"

Mithali said...

I wonder how useful will the Metro be in long run.....are there reasons to celebrate?

Chander Dogra said...

Yaar outer ring road pe metro nahi hai :(