Sunday, June 15, 2008

Different prespective

"Before I joined Ananya in 1998, I was just wasting my time. I was in a children's remand home in Bombay, and then in a hostel in Hubli. I ran away and got into smoking and drugs, until one of my friends introduced me to this school. I started studying here. I have stayed here for eight years, I have given my 10th class exam, and now I am working in CAPS IT solutions. I work as an office administrator. I want to thank Ananya, and all the teachers, because whatever I am today is due to them. I want to encourage my other friends who are in Ananya to study", he says

"Dont you want to study more?" I ask him

"No, now I want to work for some more time, I want to get my younger sister married, after that I will study more, I want to learn software uncle, (he calls me uncle, even though I dont like being called uncle)"

"Do you not want to get married?"

"No uncle, I read in paper daily, husband wife fighting, so
I dont want to get married, first I want to study"

This was my excerpt of talking with one of the Ananya students on one of my visits there, I wanted to post this for a long time but never managed to do it.

PS: Ananya is a school for the underprivileged children in Bangalore. It is one of the most wonderful NGO schools that I have seen.


brocasarea said...

appreciate ur effort!..:)

Pulkit said...

Wonderful post and great work. Where is this NGO situated? I would like to pay a visit sometime.

Btw, counsel that child properly about marriage; it's not that bad, speaking from experience :).

Goli said...

@brocasarea: Thanks

@pulkit: This place is located on sarjapur road, will call when we go next. :D

ranjana said...

that is such a noble thing you do :)
thanks for dropping by

sejal said...

Hey can you gimme some more details about it? Yeah call us (I and Pulkit) when you go next time.

And yea, I agree with Pulkit, counsel him about marriage :-) I would in fact ask him one question, if he himself is scared of marriage so much, why does he want his sister to get into it ! :)

Goli said...

@ranjana: Thanks, but I dont do anything much.

@sejal : For sure, next time I shall take you.

Chander Dogra said...

santa is very handsome :)