Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Surya Namaskar

Since last one month or so I have been religious doing Surya Namaskar. Got introduced to it in the Art of Living course that I did. And I love it, I think it is on of the best things that you can do in the morning. One round of surya namaskar hardly takes about 30 seconds, in five minutes you can do ten of those.

I wonder why did they never teach this in my school, and it was not only in my school, I asked couple of colleagues in my office and they also did not learn it in their schools. My school taught all kinds of fancy stuff like Karate and all, but nothing about this.

I know many people consider yoga boring and to some extent even I do. But this is so different, five minutes of surya namaskar, and you would feel so flexible and nice.

Am putting this nice video that I found on You Tube, in this video the lady does it more than once :). Actually surya namaskar has only 12 steps and you may find this useful.


sejal said...

Good they tought me in my school.. but I could never learn it properly.. But it's very useful if you are able to do all the steps properly.

brocasarea said...

hmm..i do pranayama and kapalibathi only in the morning! really works

Anonymous said...

Whether SuryaNamaskar is beneficial for High BP? Can a Person with little High BP do this?