Friday, December 12, 2008

Fine balance....

I just finished reading this book from "Rohinton Mistry" called Fine Balance.

Very few books have touched me so much as this book. This book is a story about four individuals, bought together by fate, trying to wriggle out of the endless circle of poverty, uncertainty of life, during the time of Emergency (1975)

After RK Narayan, and out of my limited reading habit, this is the best of fiction that I have read till now.

More than that I learnt so many things about Indian history and about the time of emergency that I never read in history books.

Highly recommended read.


Chaitanya Sai said...

I agree. This has to be the best book I read in the last few years. Also, I could not help being surprised that Arvind Adiga won the Booker for "The White Tiger" while this was only shortlisted.
The White Tiger is also about class struggles in India, but the execution and narrative flow compared to AFB are amateur at best.

Also, happy birthday to us! :)

Chaitanya Sai said...

You might like reading this profile of Mistry: Link