Thursday, December 18, 2008

Waynad Trip

Last weekend we went for a trip to Waynad as a part of my company offsite.  This was my first time to Kerala, and really Kerala has the flavour of its own.

We did not do much of the "tourist activity", one of our office collegues had found his nice home stay, and we ended up spending lot of time there. This guy who owned this home stay, had like this huge plantation to himself, which had a small pond of its own and lots and lots of coffee plantation. here are some of the pictures of that trip.

One of the best thing that I remember about this trip was doing pranayam, I just picked up the spot amid the plantation, and air was so fresh, and it was morning and lot of mist.  I know it sounds like a very boring thing to do, but I really liked the feeling of just closing down the eyes and breathing deeply, it just felt very blissful. 

Here are the pics.

On the way to home stay.... plantations

The below pictures are of the place we stayed.  

Below is the morning photograph of rose, with lot of mist it was lovely. 

Coffee beans... 


brocasarea said...

lovely snaps..likes that beans one:)

Mad angel said...

I plan to go next year to kerala during mahashivratri...cant wait.
The coffee plantation reminds me of coorg. We should plan a trip there sometime as well.

Rashmi said...

Liked the beans snap...almost smelt the fresh coffee :)
Kerala is a beautiful place with all that eye soothing greenery

Goli said...

I loved the beans too and they smelled to great.

@Maddy: We should do a "Bike Drive" along the kerala coast.

@Rashmi: Yups that place smelled so fresh and great.