Friday, February 13, 2009

Interview with Taxi Driver..

Heavy traffic to airport and I thought why not get to know the taxi driver better. So the coversation that we had. 
(Intially I thought I will note it down while he speaks, but then I have seen that people get scared as soon as I get out my diary, so now I have just come to aiport and typing this in before I forget. )

Where are you from?
Not from Bangalore Sir, you know Udipi, yes I am from village close to that.

How did you get in to this taxi business?
Earlier I was in ICICI prudential as agent, then since this new airport have taken the taxi. Something you have to do na to get money.

How much do you earn?
About 10 thousand sir, and I end up spending about 3-4 thousand.

Is there no employment in your village, why you coming to Bangalore?
No Sir, all good facilities in village, just come to see, see the big city 

What your future plans, do you want to continue taxi?
we have chicken farm in village, and "supari" farm, it runs good, so I go back to village after two years.

Are you married?
No Sir, 

Will you get married here in Bangalore?
Marriage elders sir, city girl, chicken farm does not adjust, girl from my community.

Are all the facilities good in your village, school, medical and so on?
Facilities all good sir, good school, earlier no teachers now lot of teachers.

Do you have water problem in your place?
No water problem sir, lot of water, near the sea , so lot of water in borewell.

Do you have any ambition in life?
Yes sir, I want to go in to politics, My father also in gram panchayat, I was leader in college. So I want to go ahead in there, but not now, after marriage after two three years.

Do you use pesticides in your farm?
(He did not understand pesticides)

Do you use some "dawa" for the "kidas" in the farm?
DDT sir, yes sir, DDT everyone use. If we dont use DDT then lot of "kidas"

Do you stay alone in Bangalore?
No sir, with four people from my village.

Are all of them taxi drivers?
No some in restaurant, some private company, like that.

Do lot of poeple come out of village and dont go back there?
No sir, after marriage, difficult to live in bangalore, minimum expense 8 thousand, not possible sir, good job stay in Bangalore, Most go back village for marriage and stay there only.

There is a pause and then he himself starts saying,

"Three of my classmates in Army sir, two in Kashmir, one in Gujarat. Army means lot of value sir, some problem is there, but lot of value."

How did they go in army?
Got seleted from colege sir, they will come to take.

You did not get selected?
I also, but parents did not allow, only son sir, so difficulty. I wanted to go then, but then I came to Bangalore

Do you learn English at school?
Yes sir, for five years, can read and understand little bit. But in village no Hindi only for three years. that is bad, because hindi you need sir, specially if you go to north India, very few in village know hindi.

By the time I am done with this many questions, airport has come. And then he asks me, 
Where are you from?
"Baroda", I say, (I thought he would not know where baroda is)
"Irfan Pathan, Yusuf Pathan, sir... that place.." 
"Yes" I say
"Cricket lot of interst sir, Dhoni very lucky captain" he says...
And then we depart, 
Cricket truly unites India I think.. :)


Chaitanya Sai said...


You should have also allowed him to ask questions to be fair :)

Now that would be interesting too; wonder what questions he'd have.

brocasarea said...

like it!....truly cricket and bollywood unites us!!

Priya said...

Good one!

I think conversations in auto and taxi are awesome. You learn a lot. you get to know people and lifes of people that you normally otherwise wouldnt confront with in our mundane lives.

I have met some educated auto and taxi drivers. one of them spoke english, gave me his phone no and told me that i can give him a call if i wanted a ride!
hi tech ;)

but good fun... :)

anupreet said...


i often ask them about their and their kids' education; and its interesting to know how ambitious they are!

Anonymous said...