Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Traveling Endlessly

This year for me has kind of started with a bang, I dont think there was ever a time when I had traveled so much.  Since start of this year, I have traveled to 10 different cities, I remember that I was in Banglaore on 31st night spending new year at platform (were a part of the Tata Jagriti yatra then) and even after coming from the yatra, had been for one marketing trip and then for a friends wedding at coimbatore.

The entire month was filled up with waking early in mornings, waking up late at nights, traveled by flight, train and bus,  an average of only about 5 hours of sleep everyday, almost running all the time, not having time to eat, hence eating at odd times and odd places, not having time to check, reply to emails. 

When you look back at the month, so many memories/images come back, the month passed by in a jiffy, but it kind of memories make you feel as if it was worth a lifetime. Now that feb looks little free, I plan to blog in detail. Already some of the more serious blogs are in pipeline and would be posted soon. 

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anupreet said...

I guess its always better to have traveled so much than a monotonous work schedule. Traveling adds excitement and memories to your life! Hope you travel extensively in the coming few months! good luck! ;o)