Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did you see RDB?

Not long time ago,
I went to cancel this ticket,
It was not a simple reservation,
but a tatkal train ticket,

TC said said go here,
Clerk asked me to go there,
Went almost everywhere,
but no sucess anywhere

finally had to go to railway inspector,
but he was not on seat for an hour,
finally he came, was arrogant, rude
and said it is not possible

All angry I was and frustrated,
When I met this gentleman down,
On relating everything to him
He asked, did you see RDB?

Either you shout and go home,
Or you go and put a complain,
Choice is yours,
For this country of Ours.

PS1: RDB is RangDeBasanti
PS2: Dont have patience to sit and rhyme it.
Hold on one more
Last PS: It was a tatlak, waitlist ticket so liable to be cancelled.


PritS said...

and I assume, you must have lodged a complaint.

Chander Dogra said...

looks at the brighter side got to write a poem on ur experience ...what did that man mean shoot the Railway minister?

Goli said...

@prits and @chander , I did not go and shoot Lalu prasad Yadav. I went back and this time I kept to the guy until he finished my job, else I wanted him to give me in writing that he cannot do it.... he finally got it done.

PritS said...

Thats the way. Shooting is not what RDB wanted to teach. What you did is actually the real lesson from the movie. I am proud of you mere sher..

anant said...

Goog job, Goli. Will keep your experience in mind.

anant said...

@ your previous post: Like I said that day at Vineet's place you are very much like 'Anand': spreading goodwill, liveliness and cheer...

Goli said...

@prits: Yups I think that is what RDB wanted to show, we have to be aware and stand up for ourselves and our rights.

@anant: Thanks a lot for that... you made my day ;D