Monday, January 01, 2007

Notes of 2006...

--> The easiest way I ensure that the auto guy does not cheat me, is that I start talking with him as soon as I enter the auto, trust me it makes a huge difference.

--> Gyming everyday for about 20 minutes makes you feel good for next twenty hours and give sound sleep for rest of hours.

--> Lot of times, last year I kept wondering and fretting how could he/she do this to me and so on. But I realized that it is worthwhile putting myself in his/her shoes and analyzing . I think that everyone is resonable and good in their own way.

--> When quarelling most of the times I forgot all the good things that happened to relationship and only remembered the last bad thing that happened.

--> I think our mind has infinite capacity to do things, the moment I start thinking that I cannot do this or this is not your cup of tea I think I am getting older. And I dont want to. (Wanna be 18 till I die)

--> I hate when someone discourages me, and now I dont care to be polite also, I ask them to f*** off.

--> Munna bhai and Roberto Benigni (of Life is beautiful) are my heroes. and RDB is my inspiration.

--> Have realized that only during the times when I am down and broken that I have ventured forth to do some thing different.

--> I did some creative writing course, sounds funny. But to me it was the course which opened a whole new world of poems, haikus, screenplay, dramatics to me.


PritS said...

I can relate to many of them...

Nasal Crooner said...

totally agree wid the 1st point!!

Anonymous said...

there is lot more dude..
>> u are still searching for the ideal girl that could change ur life..
>> inter personal relationship has improved beyond expectation.. mind you .. you are a sales guy too now

PritS said...

dude u searching for a girl. I dint know that.
Sales - yea that even I know. :)